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the effort halved

your head placed naturally on the pillow of my lap, it's cramped (with crumbs and coffee stains) but we make-do, being each others' lucky coin or soft toy rabbit. the train, it's going faster now, it's chaotic and we share one set of lungs. breathing amongst foreign character is more comfortable when shared. it sounds… Continue reading the effort halved


Lady of the Bus

Her skin may need an iron’s once over, Its pigment is brash and fuchsia. But she smiles more than she did back then, So why bother with that cosmetic nonsense? Her day’s dictated by today’s timetable. ‘Lost’ doesn’t exist, ‘it’s adventure’, she insists. Quarter to the hour, or ten past, The maze of her head,… Continue reading Lady of the Bus


Public Transport

Rickety, reckless, ridiculous more like! A young couple. 19? Baby in pram. A father, a nuisance, tattooed skull and ring on his finger, fingers round her waist. Hair like straw, attacked with heat from the night before?   Window-screen adaption to a day-time performance 'Town please.' she says '1.40, love.' I mutter. The baby shrieks,… Continue reading Public Transport