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In This Foreign Space

With the aid of Google Maps, hand in hand we walk as obscenely clueless tourists down narrow streets. I had been before, you had not. I felt it my duty to make it worth the hype I had prized it.   Admist the crowds You keep me anchored Like it’s only the two of us… Continue reading In This Foreign Space

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me 1 – me 2

  ACT ONE [two of me, stage blank, white sheet as backdrop] ME ONE: I guess I see it a bit of a shame, that those that work high-stress jobs loose so much of their salary ME TWO [rolls eyes]: Yeah, but who else is going to fund the NHS – ME ONE [snapping]: that’s… Continue reading me 1 – me 2

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This Beating Shape

One year encompassed by my heart strung across Paperchase postcards; a tangible copy of my soul, now sat waiting in your College pigeon-hole.   Legs intertwined amongst our make-shift bed of blankets and last night's sweat and lust. With you, lust isn't temporary, lust is sick to my stomach, a comforting nervousness. The way your… Continue reading This Beating Shape