My Relationship with ‘Lesbian’

It's only been in the past few years that I've embraced, or identified with the term 'lesbian.' This may confuse many, for I openly express that I'm gay, and have known this since the age of fourteen. However, it's only been in recent years that I've felt comfortable saying I'm 'a lesbian.' One issue I've… Continue reading My Relationship with ‘Lesbian’


Growing up Gay

Aged 14, I told my mum I was bisexual. I came out over Facebook messenger, her being sat in the lounge and me in the kitchen. The conversation went along this kind of route: Mum: What's wrong? Me: I'm going out with --- Mum: ... What? Following this, I went in to the lounge and… Continue reading Growing up Gay

No, I’m Gay (A slam poem)

Hi, my name is Lu- Wait, it's not like you care. You've already made assumptions based on my hair, Both the length on my head and what's down there. For my sex life, my body image is clearly your business, broadcasted news. If you can convince me it's a phase, for it's God's message (well… Continue reading No, I’m Gay (A slam poem)

My Experience with Homophobia

Aged 14, when confessing to my Mum that I was attracted to girls, one of the things she was concerned about was any backlash or horrid comments I’d receive at school. Understandably, teenagers can be mean and the slur ‘that’s so gay’ was used more often than I can count.  But thankfully , this was… Continue reading My Experience with Homophobia