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LGBT History Month

Looking back, I think one of the most alienating things I struggled with when realising I was queer, was that in the mainstream media there was no one else. Yes, I was inspired by pop-stars clothing choices and related to them in their interests, but there was no gay icons for me to see as… Continue reading LGBT History Month

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We are afraid of our youth. For those older than us envy it, have already had it, but aren't considered selfish to want a second-go. We are afraid of not ever possibly being home-owners, for that's what those on the news have said, and we must believe them (as we're spoon-fed.) We are afraid of… Continue reading WE ARE AFRAID

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No, I’m Gay (A slam poem)

Hi, my name is Lu- Wait, it's not like you care. You've already made assumptions based on my hair, Both the length on my head and what's down there. For my sex life, my body image is clearly your business, broadcasted news. If you can convince me it's a phase, for it's God's message (well… Continue reading No, I’m Gay (A slam poem)