My Relationship with ‘Lesbian’

It's only been in the past few years that I've embraced, or identified with the term 'lesbian.' This may confuse many, for I openly express that I'm gay, and have known this since the age of fourteen. However, it's only been in recent years that I've felt comfortable saying I'm 'a lesbian.' One issue I've… Continue reading My Relationship with ‘Lesbian’


No, I’m Gay (A slam poem)

Hi, my name is Lu- Wait, it's not like you care. You've already made assumptions based on my hair, Both the length on my head and what's down there. For my sex life, my body image is clearly your business, broadcasted news. If you can convince me it's a phase, for it's God's message (well… Continue reading No, I’m Gay (A slam poem)


  ‘but she’s a girl’ my mother said after I paid for dinner & the valentines’ card was signed with swirly, delicate style not block capitals like my father’s   her body like mine, but different iridescent, a beacon in the morning sun dazzling her spine like a torch   I touch, but it’s wrong… Continue reading les-be-honest