Retirement Home

Mustang-replaced mini-bus to assisted retreat, former past indulgence, instead alien location Prior nostalgia, a now desolate sea With an intent for spontaneity, their creased cheeks; bruised by breeze, no iron from the sun’s hello, but scarves permanent against necks; waists aided by a lady in blue, the same as before, or differing; new Jennifer, jittering,… Continue reading Retirement Home


Free Writing: 6th October, 2015

Sentence starter: When you mention the word scorpion... ... my hairs raise, electrify, corrupt my arms, like pin-pricks, paper-clips, nails, agitated and vicious across my freckled skin. My leg begins to shake, a habit Mum says drives her crazy, particularly when she's watching TV, particularly when I'm not even triggered, my mind numb, the habit… Continue reading Free Writing: 6th October, 2015

‘parent’s’ house

what you thought you knew becomes just recollection a story you tell uncertain if it’s a photograph performed or someone else’s words home for christmas, your walls, the framing deems artificial the positioning is different, you’re new ‘student life’s changed you’ they say as your clothes reek of half-price laundry detergent your eyelids coated in… Continue reading ‘parent’s’ house