My Relationship with ‘Lesbian’

It's only been in the past few years that I've embraced, or identified with the term 'lesbian.' This may confuse many, for I openly express that I'm gay, and have known this since the age of fourteen. However, it's only been in recent years that I've felt comfortable saying I'm 'a lesbian.' One issue I've… Continue reading My Relationship with ‘Lesbian’


Growing up Gay

Aged 14, I told my mum I was bisexual. I came out over Facebook messenger, her being sat in the lounge and me in the kitchen. The conversation went along this kind of route: Mum: What's wrong? Me: I'm going out with --- Mum: ... What? Following this, I went in to the lounge and… Continue reading Growing up Gay


I remember the first time I traced your spine that felt like velvet. Memorised the coordinates of your collarbones with my nervous lip. I remember the laughter, the sweat, that unfamiliar. The glow of your skin, lighting my way home. Your eyes lit up like sparlers in November twilight, and guided me in line with… Continue reading Coordinates

A Fresher’s Guide to Birmingham

(I wrote this during my Birmingham Mail work placement and they never published it, lol) That dreaded time of year is again approaching for students. Eighteen year olds are entering the world of beans on toast, clubbing five nights a week and getting up for that 9am lecture. Of course, stereotypes aside, preparing for the… Continue reading A Fresher’s Guide to Birmingham

the effort halved

your head placed naturally on the pillow of my lap, it's cramped (with crumbs and coffee stains) but we make-do, being each others' lucky coin or soft toy rabbit. the train, it's going faster now, it's chaotic and we share one set of lungs. breathing amongst foreign character is more comfortable when shared. it sounds… Continue reading the effort halved

Moira’s Diary – The Handmaid’s Tale

Thought I'd post this on here after finding it on my laptop. It's a creative response to Margaret Atwood's novel The Handmaid's Tale, giving Moira's perspective instead of Offred's narration in the original text. I wrote this for AS English Literature a few years back and it received full marks. The following is a printed… Continue reading Moira’s Diary – The Handmaid’s Tale