The Right Thing

Take me back to my youth where thoughts aren’t dictated 

and processes of my mind aren’t 


Over-thought, need for compensation 

I miss that carelessness, no turn-

taking squabbles between who I am 

And what should be
Take me back to my play pen, 

with daisy chains holding together 

summer’s rays like safety pins 

when I knew that would be 

The Last Summer

Not transfixed by a grown up approach 
Take me back to hand-stand formations 

Where life’s biggest strain was ‘dinner’s 

ready’ and it’s past

my bed time 

Where morally correct and censoring my

thoughts were not yet assigned
Take me back to my youth 

where ideals aren’t dictated 

or erased, or pre-determined by 

The Right Thing


Author: Lucy Hancock

Second Year English Literature and Creative Writing student at the University of Birmingham. Lover of the outdoors, adventuring, cinematography and words.

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